6 game changing reasons to use James AI

#1 Increase your productivity for more success

James AI adapts to your individual needs and increases your productivity in an intelligent manner, based on scientific knowledge. The artificial intelligence is constantly learning and is guided by you, not vice versa.

#2 Greater focus

James AI will help you keep sight of projects and tasks. To do this, the focus mode allows you to keep an eye on your three most important things to do, ensuring you meet all your deadlines and never fall behind schedule.

#3 Dynamic to-do list

Unlike traditional, static systems for managing tasks, James AI provides you with a dynamic, self-organising to-do list – meaning you always have a personal assistant by your side. Daily, manual task planning is a thing of the past with James AI.

#4 Perfect task planning

With James AI, you will receive a daily task schedule that is perfectly matched to your needs – no more thinking about what you should do next. Just save your to-do’s and the AI will do the planning for you.

#5 Save time

James AI saves you time, which you can either use to work even harder on your success or to dedicate yourself to other beautiful things in life.

#6 Platform independent

Access James AI on any browser-enabled device. You don’t have to buy new, expensive hardware, meaning you can get started right away.
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