What are backlinks? + 5 outstanding backlink strategies


In order for a website to be found high up in Google searches, several crucial SEO factors play an important role. One of them refers to the so-called backlinks, i.e. links from other sites to your own.

On the one hand, your site becomes more visible when a website with a high frequency of visitors places a backlink on yours, as the probability of clicks increases. On the other hand, the search engine also notices when websites with a high authority point to you and evaluates this positively for the ranking.

Since I already mentioned in my article “The 6 most important factors around SEO” that paid backlinks can be treacherous and even harmful, here you will learn 5 strategies how you can still achieve a good link building in order to appear even better with your website among the top search results for your keywords.



To make sure you know what I’m talking about and what’s important, I’ll first introduce you to the terms authority (regarding websites) and do-follow link:


Basics #1: Sites with a lot of authority vs. little authority.


In the field of SEO, authority has nothing to do with political systems or an educational style.

It’s basically about a website being considered trustworthy and reputable and containing good content that provides users with high added value, has also had a lot of visitors and links itself to helpful pages with authority.

Overall, there are a number of other factors that influence the value of the domain authority; but at this point, this brief overview should suffice for now.

If a website has a high authority and your page is linked there, this has a much bigger and positive influence on your ranking than if you get a backlink from a smaller and let’s say less important website; provided that it is a Do-Follow link, which I will discuss in the next section.


Basics #2: Do-Follow & No-Follow Links


Now, we first need to distinguish between a Do-Follow and a No-Follow link once again before we get to the backlink tips themselves. With a no-follow link, Internet users could also become aware of your page, but with this setting, the other website does not pass on any so-called link juice, which could also help you significantly with the ranking.

Therefore, remember: a do-follow link from a website with a lot of authority will bring you much more than a no-follow link from the same.

With the help of this tool from ahrefs you can also easily and free of charge check the Domain Authority of a page according to the metrics of this SEO tool manufacturer and see if it makes sense to invest time in achieving a Do-Follow backlink from this page.

And if you want to know what backlinks you already have, I can recommend the Free Backlink Checker tool, also from ahrefs.


The backlink tips presented


Now you already know when backlinks make the most difference for your website. Because you are certainly asking yourself the question, “How and where can I set backlinks?”, here are 5 helpful tips for the beginning of your link building:


Backlink tip #1: Ask acquaintances, friends & family


Let’s start slowly with this tip. Many have probably already come up with the idea to ask friends, acquaintances and family members if they could share links or publish them on their profiles or websites, if available. But since even I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees, I mention this point anyway. Sometimes the solution or a step towards it is right in front of our feet and since we now have our eyes a bit higher up … you know ;).


Backlink tip #2: Write guest articles


For everything possible there is a blog or a platform on which texts appear. Some feature the guest article section and the operators are happy to receive free content for their users.

Therefore, search explicitly for guest articles in connection with a topic in which you or someone in your team has excellent knowledge and ask if you can write a corresponding article. In many cases, you will be given the opportunity for a link to be placed. If the community of the website is big enough, a no-follow link will also help you, although a do-follow would of course be even better.

If you need support in online business, the experts of Monkeys.Digital will be ready to help you.


Backlink Tip #3: Use Broken Links


Broken links are links that do not work or no longer work. This may be because the URL is simply not the right one or because the original linked content is no longer available.

No matter what the reason, you can benefit from it, although this tip can be a bit more involved than the first two to get the first hit.

To do this, first look for websites relevant to you and your content and use a tool to scan these pages for the broken links described. Here, too, ahrefs has a tool for broken links up its sleeve.

If you find such a broken link, the next step is to provide a suitable content for the site owner.

Either you already have this ready or you create it extra. If it is ready, then contact the responsible persons of the site or the administrator and offer them directly your content as a replacement for the link that cannot be called up.

In addition, you can also use the program to check your own page for broken links and react if necessary.


Backlink tip #4: Quick & easy on ProvenExpert


What many people don’t know is that you can simply submit a review on ProvenExpert and leave a link to your site for yourself. For this to become a real backlink, it is important that you are registered and logged in.

In addition, you can also create a profile for yourself and your company with a link to your website and provide with reviews for more social proof and better visibility.


Backlink tip #5: Appear in podcasts


Surely you have some exciting things to tell or are even a true expert in your field. Then use that to become even more visible and secure yourself a backlink.

Especially if the podcast maker puts the show notes for the episode or an introduction to you on his page with a link to your website online, this can give you a good presence boost.

So keep an eye out for who in your contacts has a podcast on one of your topics, or find appropriate podcasters to connect with.

It’s best to already have a plan for what you want to talk about and send those ideas along in your message.

Conclusion on backlink strategies

From this article you can see that there are many different ways to get a backlink pointing to your site. Some of them may take a lot of time, others may be very quick. However, if you have already built up a good business network, then your chances increase through these people, with whom you have already had contact, to implement one or the other easier.

Therefore my advice to you:

First check your social media platforms to see who could support you in your project and perhaps also benefit from your content, before you indiscriminately write and send all the emails associated with a lot of effort.

And be aware that extensive link building does not work quickly from one day to the next, but usually takes some time.

In any case, I wish you much success and try out which strategy works best for you and your business.

And look forward to the second part for even more helpful backlinks tips!

Good luck & best regards
Your Marian

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