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Are you thinking about starting something new? Not just a new project within your usual employment, but something really new, outside your current comfort zone? If so, why haven’t you done it yet? Probably there is this one thing you are still missing. Maybe it’s a missing certificate or other qualification? Whatever it is: I don’t think you are missing anything anymore. Let’s talk about hurdles, convenient excuses and impostors.


That one damn hurdle


Let’s take a step back: how euphoric are you thinking about this missing thing? An acquaintance of mine is considering getting into the fitness industry. Without a license or two, indeed, a no-go. Unfortunately, the hurdle of trying to get such a license is seemingly insurmountable for him. After all, in order to become a fitness trainer, he would need this license, which is so important to him, and it doesn’t just fall into your lap. And if you always get home around 6 p.m., then everyone must understand that you don’t have the energy to …

The next step would be simple: find one or two online certification providers and sign up. It can’t be purely organizational problems here. This one thing that is still missing mutates into a convenient excuse to stay in the comfort zone. If you find yourself in such a situation, check your motives. Is the desired goal not attractive enough or the current situation not unpleasant enough? Maybe you also find out about the fears that have been holding you back all this time. Then deal with them and decide whether the worries are justified.


Are you an impostor?


At the beginning I had chosen a lack of qualification as an example of a possible obstacle. You want to start something new, but you are not yet a master at it. You look at the market with your future competitors and they seem to be titans. Who but an impostor would just go for it now?

It’s honorable at first to critically examine the limits of your own abilities. At the same time, you may be falling for the impostor syndrome. Knowing what you don’t know (yet) about a subject is also a sign that you already know quite a lot about that subject. Only complete laymen overestimate their knowledge in a field. So check if your doubts here are only paralyzing you unnecessarily, and maybe you are completely overestimating the knowledge of the others.

Last but not least, too much knowledge is no guarantee for the success of your future customers. Expert idiot beats customer to death, one could say here with a wink. Instead, be an expert who is passionately there for his customers and deals transparently with possible knowledge gaps.


This one false hope


So let’s assume that the one thing you think you’re missing is neither a convenient excuse nor affected by impostor syndrome. Then we have to make sure that you don’t put false hope in it. Here is my experience:

As a rank beginner in fitness, I felt tiny among all the hulks on the training floor. In fact, that’s how it was. “No wonder,” I thought, “I’ve got to get started.” So I started and trained dutifully on the machines. A few weeks later, was I a muscle man? No. No surprise, because as I learned in the meantime, I should have switched to split training. I did. Was I a muscle guy a few weeks later? No. That’s how it went on and on. Continually I became aware of one thing I was still missing. Free weights, eating more protein, paying better attention to recovery, etc.

All in itself a false hope. Yet, each time I was highly motivated that the one thing missing would solve all my problems in one fell swoop. It never was. The solution was never that one thing I didn’t have yet, it was always persistence. Where I was looking for a royal road, it was always the allegorical marathon that I had to face.

In other areas it was similar. Particularly in business opportunities, I still have to discipline myself today not to drastically overestimate individual options on the horizon. Again, it’s staying power.


So just do it?


No. Neither “just do it” in the sense of getting started, nor “make things easy” in the sense of simple. Of course you should be actively encouraged to tackle new things. And of course you should also make things as simple as possible, just not simpler.

For example, let’s say you want to become a sidepreneur. There are countless things you supposedly don’t know. Business registration, taxes & accounting, financial procedures, etc. In addition, there are all the content-related aspects of your topic. Oh, and promotion has to be done as well. In front of such a mountain, you could freeze in awe and not even start the project. Probably a mistake that is paid for in the form of opportunity costs.

As an extreme counterexample, you could just start and keep things simple. Probably also a mistake. Incorrectly calculated operations, marketing that doesn’t ignite, lack of reserves for tax, and similar mistakes all add up to real costs here that can quickly spell insolvency.

So what to do instead? Don’t plan everything in detail, but try to anticipate a few difficulties. The trick then is to divide these difficulties into two groups. One group consists of complications that you may never encounter, and if you do, aren’t show-stoppers after all. These are the bridges I would cross when I am there. There has to be a little bit of courage to improvise.

But then in the second group there are also those difficulties that you can hardly solve on your own. Because far too often the one thing that is missing here is just too big. Don’t try to solve these kinds of problems on your own, but get help from experts. You have to build up the necessary network piece by piece. There it is again, perseverance.

In short, the one thing that is still missing is a good network that prepares you for anything. Not “just do it”, but “just do it together”. With stamina, confidence and optimism.

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