10 reasons your company needs James AI right now

James AI is disrupting an age old era of standard, list based to-do apps – and we’ve summarised the 10 most important benefits James AI will bring to your company:

#1 Perfect task planning

With James AI, you will receive a daily task schedule that is perfectly matched to your needs – no more thinking about what you should do next. Just save your to-do’s and the AI will do the planning for you.

#2 Dynamic to-do list 

Unlike traditional, static systems for managing tasks, James AI provides you with a dynamic, self-organising to-do list – meaning you always have a personal assistant by your side. Daily, manual task planning is a thing of the past with James AI.

#3 Greater focus for all

James AI will help you keep sight of projects and tasks. To do this, the focus mode allows you to keep an eye on your three most important things to do, ensuring you meet all your deadlines and never fall behind schedule.

#4 Team-mode for easier management

With the optional team mode, you can easily schedule tasks for your employees and set the duration, start time and deadline. This makes delegating simple, and saves time that you would otherwise have to spend on manual tasks.

#5 Your employees work more productively

Your employees productivity levels will significantly increase when they use James AI day-to-day, allowing you to become more effective, efficient and successful in your business.

#6 Save time at a leadership level

James AI saves the pivotal leadership team employees’ time, which can be utilised on further work and projects that are vital in the growth of your company, brining set forth goals and deadlines closer.

#7 Training of employees in self-organisation is not necessary

James AI is intuitively easy to use, resulting in a minimal time investment to ensure your employees excel in the area of self-organisation, saving costs on both over-priced training and lost time doing so.

#8 Easier, automated deadline structuring for employees

The James AI to-do app automates manual daily planning, making it easier for your employees to structure their working day and hit targets – reducing pressure and stress, so everyone can concentrate on important projects and achieve greater job satisfaction.

#9 Better understanding of prioritisation

Intelligent task prioritisation makes it easier for your employees to separate the important from the unimportant, and truly understand priorities. This is particularly noticeable when completing orders for your customers and strengthens trust through greater reliability in your company.

#10 Savings in personnel and added cash-flow

Greater productivity and time-saving on an individual employee level means your company can achieve set goals with less staff, therefore increasing cash-flow, resulting in greater scaling potential.

Why we do what we do

At James AI, we want to add value by helping you save time and money – which you can better invest in mission-critical areas, and achieve true growth and success for your business.
We understand how limited resources are when scaling up a business, and that’s why we’re always working on making James AI even better for your success – because our success, is your success!
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