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Who doesn’t like to pass the time with social media while waiting for the bus or on the way home in the subway?
Just update your timeline on Instagram and see what your friends or even complete strangers are up to. Get cooking inspiration for dinner or DIY ideas for the craft weekend on Pinterest. Or check out the latest life hacks and funny films on TikTok. Maybe check out the tweets about the latest excitement on Twitter and then send a “snap” to friends and family.
This is indeed – with minor variations – the everyday life of most people.

“Around 90 percent of people over the age of 25 use social media platforms to find out about news and products. In January 2020, the number of monthly active users of social networks worldwide was around 3.8 billion, according to statista.”
This makes it clear what immense potential lies dormant in these networks. That’s why it’s so essential for companies of all kinds to recognize and exploit this (sometimes still unknown) potential.

I would like to present you an interesting overview of the most important and partly still unknown networks of the rich social media surplus. So you can conclude which network can be useful for you, your business and your target group and increase your reach.


Focus on interest – Pinterest


The name of this platform is composed of the English words “pin” and “interest”. This already explains the function, because the user can create various pinboards, on which he pins everything that is interesting to him. This is possible both publicly – where other users can then share or comment on the images and short videos – and on private pinboards that only the user can see.

The main purpose is to share various hobbies and interests, DIY craft ideas, recipes and shopping tips. In short, it’s about the beautiful things in life and lifestyle products. The visual search engine is powered by machine vision and machine learning. And this is exactly where the tremendous potential lies: this network is mainly used as a search engine for lifestyle content. 70 percent of users are female.

The images or short videos are linked directly to the store or to the website and thus generate substantial traffic. This of course increases the click rate and thus also the conversion rate. 77 percent of users actually come across new products while browsing, and a third use Pinterest to follow new companies. The number of monthly active users increased from 335 million in 2019 to 442 million in 2021. That’s a 32 percent increase and exposes the enormous potential.

Examples Postings on Pinterest

Here you can see four examples of how posts are displayed on Pinterest.


The young generation – Snapchat


Next up is the free instant messaging service Snapchat. It is the second most popular mobile app, opened by users an average of no less than thirty times a day. What makes this app special is that photos and other media are only visible for a certain number of seconds before they are automatically removed.

This content also cannot be commented on or liked directly, and the user does not have a classic profile that can be further expanded with content. The function thus focuses on the one-way distribution of new content as well as chatting with one or more people. In this respect, Snapchat is like a temporary diary that is shared with other users.

The target group for this social media channel is very young, between the ages of 14 and 24, and is therefore primarily made up of schoolchildren. Storytelling is done through images and videos, so influencer marketing is especially worthwhile here. 4 trillion “snaps” are sent out into the world every day.

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The biggest growth – TikTok


TikTok is an entertainment platform that has grown very strongly in recent years. In Germany, 4.1 million people used this platform in January 2019, and by November the figure was already 5.5 million. With the TikTok app, users can watch music clips, for example, as well as record and edit short clips themselves, using special effects and filters, among other things. The videos have a maximum length of 60 seconds.

When you swipe up, the next video that is most likely to interest you is displayed directly. The algorithm notes your preferences and learns here to achieve this.

The credo for video creation is that anything that pleases and entertains is permitted. Whether singing, dancing, lip-syncing, karaoke, acting, cooking videos, vlogging, tips or funny Internet challenges – the predominantly young audience allows the most creative contributions to go viral within a very short time.

TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes a day with this app. 41 percent of users range in age from 16 to 24. This is exactly the target group for companies and startups thinking about their young talent. In addition, exciting challenges can be used to deliberately generate and direct attention and thus launch the next advertising campaign.

By the way, there are also songs that only became really successful through TikTok and are now known worldwide.

Here you can see examples of videos on TikTok

This is how the videos on TikTok are displayed. Whenever you swipe up, a new video appears.


Flash in the pan or game changer? – Clubhouse 


Although this platform was completely unknown until the end of last year, it really took off from Q4 2020 onwards. Only released in the spring of 2020, the app developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Setz (who had previously worked for Pinterest and Google, respectively) rapidly reached 8.1 million downloads from February 1, 2021 alone, up from 3.5 million by February 16. Many journalists regularly report on it and most recently not only positively due to the low data protection and legal complications.

New users can only join this social media platform if they are invited by already registered users.

Clubhouse is an audio platform on which users can open digital spaces for discussion topics and other users can listen in on lectures or discussions or actively join in with contributions. A moderator takes charge of the conversations and decides when to let users have their say or mute them again.

It remains to be seen how long the hype around Clubhouse will last, whether this app will set new standards for social media in the long term, and to what extent the developers will be able to overcome previous shortcomings to ensure its continued global existence.

This is how the Clubhouse user interface looks like

The home screen at Clubhouse looks something like this.

Conclusion social media trends – find out what suits you and your product


Not every platform fits every company, every target group and every marketing goal. That’s why it’s important to think carefully in advance about who you want to reach and how. This is where professionals can help, such as Monkeys.Digital.

Especially for the launch of new products, the first three social media platforms are particularly well suited. It is always important that the content fits the respective platform.

Nevertheless, you should never forget to look to the left and to the right, to take new paths and to dare to try new marketing strategies.

Productive greetings and good luck

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Image sources: getstencil, Clubhouse, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok