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Preface: Error analysis is important


The mistakes we make must first be understood as such in order to be able to consciously eliminate them. For this, a view from the outside often helps us, because after a certain time we develop a kind of operational blindness for our own work or we don’t know that an even more sensible alternative exists for our habits.
That’s why today we’re going to show you eight productivity killers on your PC, some of which you may not have even known about …


Productivity hurdle #1 – Typing by eagle search system


Especially people who don’t write or code a lot of texts know this typing method. You type with two, three or maybe even four fingers while you keep looking for the right letters on the keyboard.
However, it can be worthwhile even for infrequent typists to learn the ten-finger system. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and quickly recoup the effort of learning.
You don’t have to attend an oldschool typing course, but a good online tool can also help you learn to type quickly. We, for example, have tried this typing tutorial and it will surely pay off for you quickly.


Productivity hurdle #2 – Waiting pointlessly during a loading screen


Loading screens sometimes have something almost philosophical or spiritual about them. They symbolize the eternal cycle. Life and death. Beginning and end. New beginning and absolute frustration …

Seriously: Open a new tab or work on something meaningful in the meantime. For example, look at the next task in your to-do list and start working on some of it, in case the loading time takes a bit longer again.


Productivity hurdle #3 – Not watching videos at multiple speeds


You’ll probably have a hard time understanding videos (especially in a foreign language that you don’t speak like your native language) in 2X speed at first. However, this is once again a matter of habit. With the help of the Video Speed Controller extension for Google Chrome, you can play the video even faster than 2x speed. Especially for learning videos or interesting interviews with a lot of learning content, the faster playback can make a lot of sense and save you a lot of time.


Productivity hurdle #4 – Searching a file manually in folders


Even though you know the approximate name of a file or what content it contains, you still spend ages searching through folders to finally find it?

You can save yourself the time and effort with these shortcuts:

On the Mac you open the Spotlight search with “Cmd + Space” and on Windows the search bar is either located directly in the lower left corner of the taskbar or it opens when you press the Windows key.

This way you can find documents even if you only know their name or their content.

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Productivity hurdle #5 – Don’t write WhatsApp or Messenger messages on your PC


You may not always be able or want to compose a message using the dictation function, either because you are in a quiet zone (e.g. library or office) or because you don’t want others to see the contents of your message. Then switch from your cell phone to your PC.
By writing messages, especially longer ones, on the computer with a real keyboard, you often save a few minutes several times a day, which you can fill with more meaningful activities or with more free time.

BUT: In addition, you should deactivate the message sounds or the direct display of messages on the PC. In addition, we advise you to set specific times when you answer emails, WhatsApps or anything else. If someone wants you to do something very urgently, they will probably call you directly and you don’t have to be stressed by not responding to emails etc. immediately.


Productivity hurdle #6 – Using slow/outdated PC.


“Should I really buy a new, super-fast computer? My old one is still kind of running …”

Our answer is YES!!!
We too have been using outdated PCs for a longer time, thinking we would save an enormous amount of money.

But what’s the use for you and your company if you have to wait several minutes every day until your computer starts up, restarts, installs updates, finishes a calculation or breaks down again with all the programs open?

Because of this lost working time, apart from all the frustration, a brand new, high-quality PC would have already paid for itself within a few weeks. So think entrepreneurially: please don’t save at the wrong end and rather invest in outstanding hardware and a good working setup. It will pay off much faster than you might have thought.


Productivity Hurdle #7 – Slow Internet Connection


Just like with computers and technology, the same is true for the internet connection or provider: To ensure that everything runs smoothly, an additional investment of €20 or €30 per month is money well spent. Especially if you’re often on the road, don’t have Wi-Fi for your notebook everywhere, and therefore use your cell phone or tablet as a hotspot, a higher data volume in your contract could often mean much more revenue.


Productivity hurdle #8 – No supporting software


Would you pay €30 as a one-time lump sum to have a personal assistant that does the annoying renaming and filing of files on your Mac for you? Then check out Hazel on Noodlesoft.

Emotionally, we find it easier to spend money on a person than on software, because we have the idea that people do tasks more reliably. However, this is often a fallacy.

So would you be willing to spend just 33 cents a day for your personal assistant to sort through all your tasks every day (even on Sundays and holidays) and create daily and weekly schedules tailored just for you, so you can spend more time on more important tasks or have more free time?

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As you could see, there are also some dangers lurking on the PC that prevent you from taking full advantage of your productivity. In order to eliminate them, it is worthwhile for you to invest a little money and time here and there or to change your habits a bit. I wish you success with my tips and that you can use the saved resources for more important tasks.

Productive greetings

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