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Be among the top 1% of digital marketers today! These 6 books contain the cumulative knowledge of over 100 years of scientific and market research. From the development of the “salesmen mindset”

over the last decades up to the writing of appealing advertising texts and content. There is a lot of added value and immediately applicable input in these books for you:


Ann Handley: “Everybody Writes”


Everybody Writes. That’s what the title of Ann Handley’s successful 2013 marketing book, Everybody Writes, says. As Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, not only is she likely to be right about this, but she can draw on over 20 years of marketing experience in online copywriting. Because it’s true: Everyone, including you, writes! Whether classic blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, headlines for websites, Instagram posts, FaceBook posts, tweets, content on Snapchat and Co. to ads for Google Ads, remarketing or other PPC channels. Even short messages in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and what they are all called … Everything is written at some point. Much more important is the message that comes across to the reader when a relevant text is written.

With a lot of humor and incredibly gripping metaphors, you will be taught some lessons about writing. In addition, Ann Handley discusses many tools and resources that make life as an online marketer easier. For example, did you know “Unsplash” as a source of free and copyright-free HD images that you can use for your content?  Even Tony – The Legend – Robbins uses this resource! I didn’t know about them, at least until I got my hands on Handley’s work.


Ted Nicholas: “Magic Words That Bring You Riches”


Anyone who wants to write advertising copy really can’t get past this masterpiece! All that exists in text form online are words – arguably the most important way to communicate.

Therefore, it is of great importance that you know exactly what to say or write in which situation:

For example, how do you get a table in a restaurant that is always fully booked in the evening? Which words are helpful in a job interview so that you can convince your counterpart?

It’s single words and phrases that can make big differences. Anyone who has ever conducted an A/B test on a landing page or tested advertising copy against each other knows our thoughts. And finding just those right words is Ted Nicholas’ life’s work!

Unfortunately, it has become a relatively rare book, as it is now out of print. Nevertheless, there is still a lively demand for it. To get your hands on a copy today, you sometimes have to shell out around 100€ on sales platforms like eBay, ReBuy and the like. So this book has become a true rarity. Whether it is worth this money, you have to decide for yourself in the end.


Phil Knight: “Shoe Dog”


The Nike founder from Oregon has put a lot of heart and soul into this book. From an autobiographical point of view, Phil describes all the personal highs and lows, all the ups and downs, but also personal struggles that an entrepreneur’s life entails.

After earning his MBA at Stanford University, he goes out into the world with his last few dollars with the dream of importing and selling Japanese running shoes. Via Hawaii and India, he sets out into a world that is new to him, makes contacts, makes and loses friends, and turns Nike into the brand giant it is today. Starting with the then crazy idea to fly to Hawaii for $80 and get inspired, to the creation of “Swoosh”, Nike’s logo today. In this book, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Nike.

Warren Buffet, the epitome of reading, calls it the “Best book I read last year.”

We can only follow suit …

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Claude C. Hopkins: “Scientific Advertising”


“Scientific Advertising” is a somewhat older model from the marketing book series, which is also relative. It was published already in 1923 and comprises about 120 pages. It is shorter and certainly much easier to digest than the school and university reading of Goethe’s “Faust” …

Thus it is the shortest book we would like to present here. But don’t be deceived by the rather clear length! All the more knowledge and truths are in it!

Already at the beginning of the 20th century Claude Hopkins began to collect the principles of modern marketing. Some of the most famous brands in the U.S., such as Campbell’s Soups, work with the methods already known at that time. In doing so, Hopkins addresses sales methods such as customer psychology, relevant sales copy wording, and the importance of numbers in marketing. For those who want to deal with the absolute most basic marketing theories, that’s the way!

Considering the overall scope, each chapter is explained quite thoroughly. Although the language Hopkins uses seems a bit stale in places, he expresses himself very concisely and thus all the more understandable. Therefore, we also give this book a clear reading recommendation!


B.J. Fogg – Tiny Habits: “The Small Changes That Change Everything”


Especially for copywriters this book could be very interesting. Why? Mr. Fogg is founder and director of the “Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab” aka “Behavior Design Lab”. Already in his master thesis he dealt with persuasion techniques, scientifically proven methods of persuasion and understanding. His approximately 30 years of research experience in the field of human behavior (“Human Design”) has resulted in, among other things, the BJ Fogg Model, which predicts, for example, whether a person will perform an action or not. To stay with online marketing, whether someone will make an online purchase, register, or follow another call-to-action. Tzja or just not …

In several TEDx Talks, he has already been able to reach a large audience and got the opportunity there to report on the scientific side of marketing in a way that attracts public attention. Every human behavior has a reason. Which one exactly, is actually always important to know. From scientific work you can derive findings that can be used to formulate texts and passages in such a way that you achieve better readability, higher interaction rates or generally the desired behavior of a user in the online area. If you want to take a leap into the pool around behavior and how you can convince people online, then you are definitely well served by this.


Jay Abraham: „Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition“


Jay Abraham is a marketing legend and the highest paid marketing consultant in the world. His protégés are no less personalities than Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Ramit Sethi and also many more. He has now personally supported more than 10,000 companies in over 400 different industries worldwide as a coach, mentor and consultant. Forbes magazine calls him “The Real Thing.”

As a New York Wall Street bestselling author, he puts his knowledge to paper and changes the

approach to how you can, maybe even should, think about projects, people, marketing knowledge and customers.

His special skill is “strategic critical thinking,” as he says himself, and he always emphasizes that “value added” is subject to objective perception. As a good marketer, you need to understand who wants to buy what at what time and why. One of his best-known marketing models is how to grow a business. For this he names three basic pillars:

  • More customers
  • Customers buy more
  • Customers buy more often

Based on this supposedly simple strategy, he has already helped companies like Microsoft, IBM and Charles Schwab with great success. Our absolute reading recommendation for online marketing!


Conclusion on the best marketing books


  • Tips I did not know yet
  • generally for the foundation not only for direct implementation
  • Tips and tricks from the last years
  • Evergreen content
  • Technical jargon through which you can learn
  • Basics up to what can be implemented immediately
  • Mindset, information

With these 6 hot candidates for your reading list, a whole new approach to online marketing is created for you! There are exciting new insights in each of the 6 books. Whether for direct implementation or for general understanding of an issue. There is something for every type of marketer. What you end up reading? That remains ultimately your decision.
We were able to take away many tips and tricks but also best practices from the books of the marketing luminaries mentioned above! One thing is clear, the reading fun is given in any case. Because what do marketers do all day? That’s right. With delivering even more awesome content to you.

In this sense enjoy reading
Your Monkeys 🙂

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