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You’ve probably thought about what’s holding you back from being productive. Only when we identify our mistakes and the brakes on our productivity as such, we can eliminate them in the future to be even more successful. So that you too can get to the bottom of your productivity killers and finally eliminate them, here we show you 5 sources of disruption on your smartphone and how you can avoid them in the future.


Productivity brakes on the cell phone


Even though smartphones are a constant companion in our everyday lives, they still have a lot of distraction potential. However, you can reduce this quickly and drastically with a few tricks.


Cell phone notifications


Notifications of any kind tear us out of our thoughts and we need valuable time until we can pick up where we left off before. That’s why it’s best to disable them or even, if you can, leave your phone in another room (turned off or in flight mode without wifi).


Social Media


Social media is designed to keep us enthralled. This can even become an addiction if we are always looking for new, exciting or funny content and are on the hunt for the next like and follower. This kind of thing releases happiness hormones in us, so that some people invest hours of time in it.
In this way, we also consume the displayed advertising, which earns the platform money.
So that you don’t endlessly hang out on social media, it’s best to set up fixed times when you consume them. You can also set a time limit that alerts you when you lose track of the clock because of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media.
Also, turn off notifications during your working hours so that you are not constantly interrupted in your productivity.

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Leave your phone display in color


At first it might sound a bit strange or even radical, but why not switch your display to black and white mode? It looks a bit retro and makes using your smartphone quite unattractive, which means you spend less time glued to your phone’s screen. If you don’t know how to do that yet, we’ve picked out instructions for both iOS and Android here for you.


Typing instead of dictating


Don’t you sometimes find it tedious to write longer texts on WhatsApp and the like? Some people use voice messages instead, of which, to be honest, I’m not a big fan.
Instead of briefly skimming the text and perhaps quickly checking again to see what the other person wanted to tell me, I would either have to listen through the entire voice mail again or, on the off chance, move the playback slider back and forth to find the appropriate passage.
I even know people who take notes while listening to voice messages to prevent such problems.
What a waste of time!
Better do yourself and others a favor by using the dictation function on your smartphone. At first, it may feel a little strange to dictate characters and emojis, but after a while you’ll get used to it.
Because you should keep one thing in mind: If you sow voice messages, sooner or later you will also reap voice messages.


The cell phone in the bedroom


This is a mistake that very many people make. The first and last thing they use and see during the day is their smartphone. For a long time, I also took my cell phone into the bedroom, set it as an alarm clock and used the night to charge it. Of course, the first thing I looked at when the alarm went off was the display, and thus also the new messages or notifications if I hadn’t switched on the flight mode without an Internet connection.
This behavior has two indirect but decisive effects on our productivity:
First, the temptation to look at and check all sorts of things again shortly before going to sleep.
Secondly, to deal with e-mails, messages, (negative) news, etc. before breakfast.
But we can no longer relax properly if we feed our brain all that input shortly before going to bed. In addition, the blue light of the display ensures that our sleep hormone, melatonin, is disturbed and we therefore need longer to really fall asleep. This inhibits restful sleep and reduces our performance.
On the other hand, we already burden ourselves with all kinds of things right in the morning and cannot start the day or our beneficial morning routine in peace.
For this reason, I now have a normal alarm clock so that my smartphone can spend the night somewhere else.
Additionally, banishing your phone from your bedroom can have two positive side effects:
You will no longer have the urge to leave your smartphone plugged in during the entire night, which saves battery power. In addition, the bedroom as a cell phone-free zone can do your relationship good by keeping both of you out of bed and distracted with your smartphone, allowing you to use the time to have a quiet conversation and exchange ideas.


Conclusion on the productivity killer cell phone


As you can see, cell phones pose several dangers that can inhibit your productivity. Especially a look at the screen time of your smartphone can tell you a lot about your user behavior and shows you with which apps and pages you waste a lot of time during the day.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that my tips are quick and easy to implement. So grab your phone right now and start eliminating these sources of interference so you can be even more productive without them in the future!

Productive greetings and good luck
Your Marian

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