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You are a freelancer and want to attract your clients online?

Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur looking for a convenient way to outsource certain activities?

Then this article will definitely help you!

I have picked out the best sites for you. Whether it’s sales, design, marketing, IT projects or research tasks – you’ll find the right partner for everything!

These are my 13 best tips for you. If you also have a tip, feel free to write to me. I am looking forward to it!


1.Β peopleperhour.com

Freelancers can offer their services here. You can post projects and search for freelancers directly.


2. upwork.com

Here you can post a project to be done and upwork promises to get offers from freelancers within 24 hours.


3. guru.com

Here freelancers post their services and you can get a quote directly.


4. worknsurf.com

Are you a digital nomad looking for a remote job, whether as a freelancer or an employee? Here you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for among thousands of job offers!


5.Β weworkremotely.com

Here companies can post a job ad for remote jobs for $299 and you can easily apply for it.

You want to rely on the knowledge of online experts? Then register here for a free initial consultation!

6. workingnomads.co/jobs

Here too, companies post specific remote jobs that you can apply for. You can also easily set up a notification alert when a suitable job is posted online.


7. twago.de

My personal favourite: A German site where projects can be posted for free and freelancers can apply for them.


8. freework.com

Freework offers you intelligent management of individual projects and matches companies with freelancers.


9. remoteok.io

Again, a job ad costs $299 for a company and you can easily apply for remote jobs.


10. remotive.io

Works on the same principle as remoteok.io.


11. fiverr.com

The most popular platform for cheap freelancers. When it comes to simple tasks, a highly recommended platform!


12. Hallofreelancer.com

A project by XING that gives you access to 450,000 freelancers.


13. freelancer-projekte.ch

Here you can benefit from the higher pay in Switzerland. Perfect for geo-arbitrage (live in a cheap country, earn in a rich country).

I hope I could help you!
Your Constantin

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